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Addiction Treatment Thousand Oaks

A Better Today Can Help the Addicts of Thousand Oaks

Ready to fight back against your addiction? That is where A Better Today comes into play. Your addiction could already be at the point where will power is not enough to stop using drugs and alcohol. When someone is addicted, their addiction supplements rewire their brain so that their body can not properly function without using drugs or alcohol. A Better Today can help enroll you in addiction treatment that will get your life back on your terms, not your addiction’s terms. Our medically trained staff are experts on how to cope with addiction. We want to educate you on how to overcome your substance abuse problem. We use the latest treatment methods to bring you the highest quality of care possible. Start by calling (805) 203-9033. At A Better Today, we will not judge you or make you feel guilty about asking for help, that is what we are here for. Time to fight back against your addiction.

How Bad Can My Addiction Really Be?

Addiction is a sickness that targets the brain. It attacks the neurotransmitter cells that are used to generate dopamine and glutamate. Dopamine is what creates the euphoric feeling and glutamate solidifies that feeling into a memory. All of this makes addiction very difficult to fight against. Because the chemicals in your brain have been produced at higher levels from the substances abused, you will need medical help to kick your addiction. Your addiction will damage your health much faster than you realize. Obsessive drug and alcohol use will deteriorate your teeth, ruin your skin and could even hurt your eyesight. Not to mention, there are countless addiction stories that end in death for the user. Do not let addiction take you down any longer. A Better Today will give you proven skills to kick back at your addiction.

The First Step Toward Recovery is to Seek Help

Maybe the reason you have yet to get help with your addiction is because you feel embarrassed to reach out for help. But honestly, you should not feel that way. Addiction, often times, casts shadows of guilt and shame over a user keeping silent when they need to speak out. It takes a lot of courage to admit you have a substance abuse problem. Speak up now. You will bring yourself and those close to you pride to show that you are ready to get your life back on your terms. A Better Today will help you every step of the way toward recovery, all you have to do is call (805) 203-9033. Call today, your addiction has been in charge of your life and well-being for too long, fight back.