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Intervention Thousand Oaks CA

Intervention in Thousand Oaks

It is hard to watch a loved one slowly kill themselves with drugs and alcohol because of an addiction. Maybe you have tried to get them to stop abusing harmful substances in the past and it has not worked. If that is the case, then it is time for you to hold an intervention for that person. A Better Today believes that an intervention can be the perfect wakeup call to an addict that their problem has gotten out of hand. It is important to point out to the user that their problem effects more than just them, it effects their relationships with their family and close friends. Staging an intervention for a loved one might just save their life. Do not wait for their drug or alcohol problem to get worse, act now.

What Should a Good Intervention Consists of?

The overall goal of an intervention is to make the addict at hand realize that they have a problem and they need help. With that being said the direct message you should be trying to send is that the loved one who has a substance abuse problem should get help via rehab and soon. In order to stage a successful intervention, you have to get the point across that you are not there to judge the addict for the recent actions, you are there because you care about them. If the addict feels he or she is being attacked or ganged up on, they will deflect anything being said to them by being defensive and not caring. One of the main reasons addicts do not come forward to get help is because they feel isolated. People with substance abuse problems think that no one will support their recovery, they will just criticize their addiction issue. Set the tone with your loved one, let them know that you care about them and the intervention is about them getting help. Make sure to use specific examples of how the addict’s problem is destroying their relationship with those who have gathered for the intervention.

When Should I Act

Now. If you suspect a loved one of abusing drugs or alcohol on a regular basis and you care about them step in now. Each day you hold off is another day your loved one is closer to death. Addiction is a disease that needs medical attention in order to be treated. Your loved one might try to push you away, but if you care about them stay patient and persistent. Act soon and often if need be. Addictions can get out of hand quick. If you have any questions about holding an intervention A Better Today urges you to call (805) 203-9033 right now. We have people standing by the phones waiting to give you information about staging a successful intervention and getting your loved one the help they need.